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Raising in Tagalog
Paul Law
142-151 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


It is argued that raising in Tagalog involves neither A- nor A-bar-movement. The raised argument is in fact base-generated in the matrix clause. A variety of facts -- lack of reconstruction and strong crossover effects, discontinuous idioms, pronominal syncretism, resumptive pronouns, no clausal source for raising, scope as well as binding -- supports this conclusion. Tagalog differs from English in that the complement clause of a raising verb is finite. The raised argument thus cannot possibly be A-moved from the complement clause, for A-movement is in principle impossible out of a finite clause.

Published in

Proceedings of the 28th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
edited by Mary Byram Washburn, Katherine McKinney-Bock, Erika Varis, Ann Sawyer, and Barbara Tomaszewicz
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Printed edition: $375.00