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Share TLS 2003

Proceedings of the 2003 Texas Linguistics Society Conference: Coarticulation in Speech Production and Perception
edited by Augustine Agwuele, Willis Warren, and Sang-Hoon Park
Printed edition: $180.00


Editorial Note
Augustine Agwuele
v (abstract or complete paper)

Physical Segments and Functional Gestures
Irene Appelbaum
1-8 (abstract or complete paper)

Phonological and Phonetic Representations: The Case of Neutralization
Allard Jongman
9-16 (abstract or complete paper)

Phonetic Category Structure and Its Influence on Lexical Processing
Sheila E. Blumstein
17-25 (abstract or complete paper)

Cross-linguistic Perceptual Differences Emerge from the Lexicon
Keith Johnson
26-41 (abstract or complete paper)

Perceptual Compensation for Coarticulation as a General Auditory Process
Andrew J. Lotto
42-53 (abstract or complete paper)

Origin of Consonant Duration Patterns
Melissa A. Redford
54-61 (abstract or complete paper)

Acoustic Evidence for the Effect of Accent on CV Coarticulation in Radio News Speech
Jennifer Cole, Hansook Choi, and Heejin Kim
62-72 (abstract or complete paper)

The Effects of Speaking Rates and Vowel Length on Formant Movements in Japanese
Yukari Hirata and Kimiko Tsukada
73-85 (abstract or complete paper)

Production of Persian Geminate Stops: Effects of Varying Speaking Rate
Benjamin B. Hansen
86-95 (abstract or complete paper)

Acoustic Correlates of Emphasis in Jordanian Arabic: Preliminary Results
Mohammad Al-Masri and Allard Jongman
96-106 (abstract or complete paper)

Aerodynamic Coarticulation in Sound Change or How Onset Trills Can Condition a Falling Tone
Susan G. Guion and Ratree P. Wayland
107-115 (abstract or complete paper)

Coarticulatory Effects on Spanish Trill Production
Anthony M. Lewis
116-127 (abstract or complete paper)