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Case Studies: Text, Technology and Readers in a University ESL Classroom
Migyu Kang
215-230 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


In this qualitative study, the researcher explored how a specific language teaching approach called project-oriented computer assisted language learning (PrOCALL) facilitates East Asian students' cross-cultural transition from their previous EFL (English as a foreign language) classroom culture to their current US university ESL (English as a second language) counterpart. To do this, the researcher observed participants' English reading orientations in their implementation of a course project in her university ESL reading class. A total of 66 East Asian students enrolled in an intensive ESL program at a large Midwestern public research university participated in an anonymous survey for baseline data and 4 consenting students in the reading class participated in the case studies. This study addresses the importance of facilitating ESL learners' transition to the US university ESL classroom culture.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 2011 Second Language Research Forum: Converging Theory and Practice
edited by Erik Voss, Shu-Ju Diana Tai, and Zhi Li
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