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"Good-Enough" Use of Structural Information in French: Prosodic and Verb-Bias Cues
Jui Namjoshi, Stéphanie Gaillard, and Annie Tremblay
187-198 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


The present study examines the use of prosodic and verb-bias cues to sentence interpretation by native French speakers and mid-to-high proficiency second/foreign language (L2) learners of French. Participants listened to late-closure-type sentences with facilitating, ambiguous, or conflicting prosodic cues. The bias of the embedded verb to take a direct object varied on a continuous scale. Results show that native speakers' and L2 learners' final interpretation is influenced by prosody but not by verb-bias information, and the initial incorrect syntactic analysis lingers more for L2 learners than for native speakers. The implications of these findings for L2 processing research are discussed.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 2011 Second Language Research Forum: Converging Theory and Practice
edited by Erik Voss, Shu-Ju Diana Tai, and Zhi Li
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