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The Interface between Phonology, Pragmatics and Syntax in Nuclear Stress Misplacement
Isao Ueda and Hiroko Saito
116-122 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


One of the notable characteristics of Japanese-accented English is the misplacement of the nuclear stress on a wrong word in certain syntactic categories. In the present paper, the nature of this misplacement is examined in terms of the learner's covert linguistic knowledge as well as overt production, which results in a typology consisting of four different types. Based on this typology, it is discussed that the learners are not homogeneous with respect to the knowledge and the production, and that the nuclear stress (mis)placement itself reflects a rather complex interaction between phonology, pragmatics, and possibly syntax.

Published in

Proceedings of the 2009 Mind/Context Divide Workshop
edited by Michael Iverson, Ivan Ivanov, Tiffany Judy, Jason Rothman, Roumyana Slabakova, and Marta Tryzna
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