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Acoustic Comparative Study of Spanish Prosody: Mexico City vs. Madrid
Eduardo Velázquez
83-90 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


Speakers of the same language, depending on their familiarity with other varieties of their language, perceive, in an intuitive way, some dialectal, sociolectal, stylistic, and idiosyncratic similarities and differences not only in pronunciation, but also in prosody, such as speed (syllabic duration and tempo), volume (intensity), and register (frequency range). These similarities and differences are then catalogued as inherent features of those language varieties. This article attempts to identify the acoustic factors that allow this identification, as well as to provide the necessary methodological and technical tools for a systematic analysis such as the comparative study in this paper of the prosody in the Spanish varieties of Mexico City and Madrid.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Laboratory Approaches to Spanish Phonology
edited by Marta Ortega-Llebaria
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