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Phase Effects in Iberian Romance
Ángel J. Gallego
43-55 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


This paper presents different evidence suggesting that, in Western Iberian Romance languages, TP is a strong phase, in the sense of Chomsky (2000). The paper concentrates on phenomena that have constituted the focus of much research during the GB-era: free and obligatory subject inversion, relative clauses, that-trace effects, and the EPP. The claim of TP being a phase domain does not raise a conceptual problem if one entertains a scenario in which phases can be defined in terms of completeness or convergence (cf. Chomsky 2000; 2001, and Uriagereka 1999).

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 9th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium
edited by Nuria Sagarra and Almeida Jacqueline Toribio
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