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On the Internal Structure of Spanish Attributive Qualitative Binominal Constructions
Melvin González-Rivera
275-285 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


In this paper I examine several aspects of the syntax and semantics of Spanish Qualitative Binominal Noun Phrases (QBNPs). These clauses can be classified in two classes: attributive un idiota de gobernador 'an idiot of a governor' and comparative el idiota del gobernador 'the idiot of the governor' (den Dikken 2006). Here I focus my attention on attributive QBNPs. Based on previous analysis (cf. den Dikken 2006), I argue that the AP-predicate in attributive QBNPs is base-generated—i.e., it does not raise from an embedded position. Furthermore, it is argued that not all cases of a-QBNPs are in effect a-QBNPs.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 13th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium
edited by Luis A. Ortiz-López
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