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Tracing the Sources of Krystyn Lach-Szyrma's English-Polish Dictionary (1828): Inspired or Borrowed?
Mirosława Podhajecka
141-158 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


The present paper discusses the structure and content of Krystyn Lach-Szyrma's English-Polish dictionary, Słownik angielsko-polski (1828), which has been treated as a fully innovative endeavor in the history of Polish-English / English-Polish lexicography. Detailed research conducted by means of a comparative method indicates, however, that in compiling his dictionary Szyrma was not only inspired by, but also drew heavily on existing resources, including an anonymous English-Polish reader-cum-dictionary (1813), as well as English-English, English-German and English-French works of reference. Having traced the dictionary to its sources, the authoress concludes that it is far less original than previously assumed, but since 40 per cent of the Polish equivalents were translated—due to being interlingual, translation as an adaptation technique is markedly different from copying verbatim—Szyrma should be seen as an "adapter" rather than a blatant plagiarist.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 2012 Symposium on New Approaches in English Historical Lexis (HEL-LEX 3)
edited by R. W. McConchie, Teo Juvonen, Mark Kaunisto, Minna Nevala, and Jukka Tyrkkö
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