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Proceedings of the 6th Conference on Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition North America (GALANA 2015)
edited by Laurel Perkins, Rachel Dudley, Juliana Gerard, and Kasia Hitczenko
Printed edition: $320.00


Laurel Perkins
v (abstract or complete paper)

Specific Language Impairment and High Functioning Autism: Evidence for Distinct Etiologies and for Modularity of Grammar and Pragmatics
Ava Creemers and Jeannette Schaeffer
1-12 (abstract or complete paper)

Contrastive Focus in Children Acquiring English and ASL: Cues of Prominence
Kadir Gökgöz, Ksenia Bogomolets, Lyn Tieu, Jeffrey Levi Palmer, and Diane Lillo-Martin
13-23 (abstract or complete paper)

An Information-Structural Account of Children's Wh-In Situ Questions in French
Megan Gotowski and Misha Becker
24-35 (abstract or complete paper)

Absolutive Constructions in Brazilian Portuguese and Relativized Minimality Effects in Children's Productions
Elaine Grolla and Marina Augusto
36-47 (abstract or complete paper)

L2 Acquisition of Wh-Features and Syntactic Constraints: Evidence for Full-Access Approaches
Sujeewa Hettiarachchi and Acrisio Pires
48-59 (abstract or complete paper)

Learning Tiers for Long-Distance Phonotactics
Adam Jardine
60-72 (abstract or complete paper)

One Is the Loneliest Number: The Acquisition of Spanish Indefinite Un
Victoria E. Mateu and Nina Hyams
73-80 (abstract or complete paper)

L1 Transfer in Bound Variable Use of L2 Japanese Demonstrative Pronouns
Tokiko Okuma
81-89 (abstract or complete paper)

Impact of Context and Type of Referring Expression on Sentence Comprehension in German-Speaking Children
Antje Sauermann and Barbara Höhle
90-101 (abstract or complete paper)

Indirect Positive Evidence in the Acquisition of a Subset Grammar in Phonology
Misha Schwartz and Heather Goad
102-109 (abstract or complete paper)

Passives and the "New Impersonal" Construction in Icelandic Language Acquisition
Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir and Iris Nowenstein
110-121 (abstract or complete paper)

How to Set the Compounding Parameter
William Snyder
122-130 (abstract or complete paper)

Are There Root Infinitive Analogues in Child Japanese?
Wataru Sugiura, Tetsuya Sano, and Hiroyuki Shimada
131-139 (abstract or complete paper)