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Pseudo-Family Size Influences the Processing of French Inflections: Evidence in Favor of a Supra-Lexical Account
Madeleine Voga and Hélène Giraudo
148-155 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


This paper reports two experiments examining the role of a novel variable—the pseudo-family size, which can be defined as the opposite of the morphological family size—in inflectional priming under masked conditions. When the verb-targets of the lexical decision task are not members of the most activated paradigm by virtue of their high frequency, the authors find evidence that lexical competition on the whole-word orthographic level affects processing on the morphological level. This is not the case when the targets are the infinitive forms. These results cannot be incorporated in a decompositional model, where an affix stripping procedure is more or less mandatory, whereas they fit easily in a lexeme-based account, like the supra-lexical model.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 6th Décembrettes: Morphology in Bordeaux
edited by Fabio Montermini, Gilles Boyé, and Jesse Tseng
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