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Two Types of Morpho-phonology: Lexical and Syntactic Operations in Semitic Languages
Lior Laks
68-78 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


This study sheds light on the role of morpho-phonology with respect to two components of the grammar: lexicon and syntax. This paper argues that there are two different types of morpho-phonology, each of which has different characteristics and a different locus of application. The study examines the morphological manifestation of thematic operations in two Semitic languages: Modern Hebrew and Modern Standard Arabic. Differences between the morphology of passivization and of other operations, such as causativization and reflexivization, are manifested in three domains: types of morphological processes, predictability of output forms, and directionality. This paper contends that these differences result from the component of the grammar where each operation takes place.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 5th Décembrettes: Morphology in Toulouse
edited by Fabio Montermini, Gilles Boyé, and Nabil Hathout
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