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New Puzzles for Shifting Indexicals: An Amharic Case Study
Chris LaTerza, Morgan Rood, Dustin Chacón, Ruth Kramer, and Jen Johnson
158-164 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


The empirical focus of this paper is the shifting indexical pronoun in Amharic (Ethiosemitic). Previous analyses of shifting indexicals focus on two popular accounts that are representative of two strategies for the semantics of shifting indexicals: (i) Anand and Nevins, 2004, Anand 2006, (ii) Schlenker 1999, 2003. The goal of this paper is to use new facts about antecedence in Amharic to move the discussion of these approaches forward. Two main generalizations are drawn. First, Amharic does not display No Intervening Binder, which contradicts the conclusions made by Anand and Nevins (2004). Although Schlenker (1999, 2003) could predict these facts, Schlenker's theory must have more precise predictions for doubly-embedded contexts. Secondly, plural shifted indexicals in Amharic can appear with an essentially plural predicate in the embedded clause, and revisions must be made to theories of shifting indexicals in order to accommodate the semantic plurality of plural indexicals. Overall, then, it is shown how both theories require revisions in order to accommodate novel data from shifting indexicals in Amharic.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 44th Annual Conference on African Linguistics
edited by Ruth Kramer, Elizabeth C. Zsiga, and One Tlale Boyer
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