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The Challenge of Syntactic Categories: Focus on the Yorùbá Language
lásopé Oyèláràn and ládiípọ̀ Ajíbóyè
39-51 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


On one hand, syntactic function as Predicate assigns unambigouously to plausible lexical categories as a set of controversial homophonous, monomoraic formatives in the Yoruba language. On the other hand, somewhat paradoxically, but more importantly for grammar, the overaching scope of the role of the Predicate in the language calls to question the canonical and universal validity of the syntactic role which the prevailing paradigm assigns the lexical categories N, V, A, P. Based on these two propostitions, the data examined in this study call for a fresh look at linguistic analytical tools and theory in order to enable linguists to account for unfamiliar data.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Conference on African Linguistics: Linguistic Interfaces in African Languages
edited by lanik la Orie and Karen W. Sanders
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