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Stem-Initial Prominence in Mungbam
Jesse Lovegren
47-54 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


In Mungbam [mij], a Bantoid language of Northwest Cameroon, noun and verb stems are either mono- or disyllabic. Nouns must bear a noun class prefix, and verbs may appear with or without a preceding reduplicant. Contrast distribution asymmetries for consonants, vowels and tones between prefix/reduplicant syllables, initial stem syllables, and non-initial stem syllables point to the initial stem syllable as being the most prominent within the phonological word, although its prominent status is not reinforced by any obvious phonetic cues (e.g. increased duration, pitch, or intensity). This presentation represents a preliminary step towards establishing the presence of a prosodic foot in Mungbam.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Conference on African Linguistics: African Languages in Context
edited by Michael R. Marlo, Nikki B. Adams, Christopher R. Green, Michelle Morrison, and Tristan M. Purvis
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