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On the Categorial Status of Hausa Genitive Prepositions
Berthold Crysmann
29-39 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


I discuss the status of "mixed category'' genitive prepositions in Hausa. Based on evidence from morphosyntax and extraction, I suggest that the hybrid nature of these prepositional nouns (Wolff 1993) is best understood in terms of decomposition into semantic and morphosyntactic properties: semantically, both true and genitive prepositions are inherent modifiers, selecting their head via the feature MOD (Pollard & Sag 1994). Morphosyntactically, however, genitive prepositions are best treated as nouns, paving the way for a unified analysis of genitive-marked categories in Hausa (nouns, verbal nouns, adjectives). The analysis proposed here is part of a computational HPSG of Hausa.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 41st Annual Conference on African Linguistics: African Languages in Contact
edited by Bruce Connell and Nicholas Rolle
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