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Domain-Restricted Reduction: A Proposal for Segmental Feet in Bamana
Christopher R. Green, Stuart Davis, Boubacar Diakite, and Karen Baertsch
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Two complementary, but at times competing, phonological processes of segmental reduction are active in a non-standard variety of Bamana (Bambara or Bamanankan) spoken by a young cohort of individuals in Bamako, Mali. These processes, namely Vowel Syncope and Velar Consonant Deletion, act to reduce a word by a single syllable via the removal of a single vowel or consonant, respectively. Data suggest that their application, and often instances of their failed application, is best captured by referring to a disyllabic domain of application resembling a prosodic foot. This paper considers the products of Vowel Syncope and Velar Consonant Deletion in Colloquial Bamana and proposes that disyllabic prosodic feet referencing the segmental structure of the language are at play in driving and/or constraining their outcomes.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 41st Annual Conference on African Linguistics: African Languages in Contact
edited by Bruce Connell and Nicholas Rolle
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