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̩dí Ò M'Akò̩wé (Hemorrhoid Respects Not Even the Educated Elite): A Sociolinguistic-Stylistic Analysis of the Language of Yorùbá Herbal Medicine Practitioners
Adés̩o̩lá O̩láté̩
156-165 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


The prohibitive cost and declining potency of western drugs in the treatment of certain ailments such as hemorrhoids (jèdíjèdí) have made Yorùbá herbal medicine a popular and essential part of their healthcare delivery system. The paper attempts a documentation and characterization of the language style employed in Yorùbá herbal medicine advertising, using sociolinguistic and stylistic methods. Contrary to the opinion held in earlier studies, the paper establishes that the Yorùbá local medicine practitioner may not be a poet after all, but a language artist who employs various poetic devices to give impetus, vibrancy, and vivid imagery to language, the soul of his business.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 39th Annual Conference on African Linguistics: Linguistic Research and Languages in Africa
edited by Akinloye Ojo and Lioba Moshi
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