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A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of the Final Vowels [i] and [a] in Luganda Deverbal Nouns
Franca Ferrari-Bridgers
23-31 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


This paper proposes a new analysis of Luganda derived nominals based on a quantitative analysis of 642 Luganda deverbal nouns. The goal of the paper is to shed light on the morpho-semantic nature of the final vocalic segments <a> and <i> in deverbal noun formation processes. Contrary to what was previously assumed in the literature, the data analysis reveals that final vowels do not play any morphological and semantic role in derivational processes: final vowels have no semantic content, nor are they N-marked heads.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 39th Annual Conference on African Linguistics: Linguistic Research and Languages in Africa
edited by Akinloye Ojo and Lioba Moshi
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