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Tonal Transfer in Kisukuma
Masangu Matondo
125-135 (complete paper or proceedings contents)


Different factors have been proposed to account for the tonal transfer phenomenon in Bantu reduplication. Such factors include whether a tone is underlyingly linked (common in nouns) or floating (common in verbs), whether the reduplicant stem is sub-minimal or not and whether the reduplicant is an affix or a compound stem (cf. McCarthy and Prince 1988, Myers and Carleton 1996 and Hyman and Mtenje 1998). This study presents new tonal transfer patterns that have not been observed before in Bantu reduplication. It is shown, for example, that some of the factors proposed in earlier models cannot fully account for tonal transfer patterns in Kisukuma. New insights are provided in line with Downing's (2002) characterization of tone copy in Bantu reduplication.

Published in

Selected Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference on African Linguistics: African Languages and Linguistics in Broad Perspectives
edited by John Mugane, John P. Hutchison, and Dee A. Worman
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