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Selected Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics
edited by Jim Michnowicz and Robin Dodsworth
Printed edition: $190.00


Jim Michnowicz
v-viii (abstract or complete paper)

Southern-Bred Hispanic English: An Emerging Socioethnic Variety
Walt Wolfram, Mary E. Kohn, and Erin Callahan-Price
1-13 (abstract or complete paper)

Subject Pronoun Expression in a Variety of Spanish in Contact with Portuguese
Ana M. Carvalho and Michael Child
14-25 (abstract or complete paper)

Verbal Morphology and Identity in Majorca: The Manifestation of Attitudes in Writing
Mark Amengual
26-39 (abstract or complete paper)

Different Ways to Hate a Language in Catalonia: Interpreting Low Solidarity Scores in Language Attitude Studies
Michael Newman
40-49 (abstract or complete paper)

Mainland vs. Island: A Comparative Morphological Study on Spanish-Turkish Contact
Rey Romero
50-56 (abstract or complete paper)

The Intervocalic Voicing of /s/ in Ecuadorian Spanish
Whitney Chappell
57-64 (abstract or complete paper)

Going Retro: An Analysis of the Interplay between Socioeconomic Class and Age in Caracas Spanish
Manuel Díaz-Campos, Stephen Fafulas, and Michael Gradoville
65-78 (abstract or complete paper)

Yesterday, All My Troubles Have Seemed (PP) So Far Away: Variation in Pre-hodiernal Perfective Expression in Peninsular Spanish
Bonnie C. Holmes and Colleen Balukas
79-89 (abstract or complete paper)

Time Reference and Lexical Effects in Mood Choice Following Spanish Epistemic Adverb quizá(s): A Dialectal Comparison
Elizabeth Finanger
90-102 (abstract or complete paper)

Distinguishing Two "Synonyms": A Variationist Analysis of quizá and quizás in Six Spanish Dialects
Christina García
103-112 (abstract or complete paper)

Factors Determining Spanish Differential Object Marking within Its Domain of Variation
Sonia Balasch
113-124 (abstract or complete paper)

On the Status of Afro-Bolivian Spanish Features: Decreolization or Vernacular Universals?
Sandro Sessarego
125-141 (abstract or complete paper)