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Selected Proceedings of the 2011 Second Language Research Forum: Converging Theory and Practice
edited by Erik Voss, Shu-Ju Diana Tai, and Zhi Li
Printed edition: $280.00


Erik Voss, Shu-Ju Diana Tai, and Zhi Li
v (abstract or complete paper)

— Formal Approaches to SLA —

Acquisition of English Verb Transitivity by Native Speakers of Japanese
Tomonori Nagano
1-18 (abstract or complete paper)

The Effect of Subject Person on English Auxiliary Movement: Evidence from Early L2 Learners
Sunny K. Park-Johnson
19-28 (abstract or complete paper)

— Functional Approaches to SLA —

Analyzing the Reframing Process from a Language Socialization Perspective
Keiko Kitade
29-43 (abstract or complete paper)

— Psycholinguistic Approaches to SLA —

Rethinking Transfer Effects: Evidence from Ambiguity Resolution in Mandarin
Yun Yao
44-53 (abstract or complete paper)

Working-Memory Capacity Effects in the Processing of Non-adjacent Subject-Verb Agreement: An Event-Related Brain Potentials Study
Robert V. Reichle, Annie Tremblay, and Caitlin E. Coughlin
54-69 (abstract or complete paper)

Are All L2 Learners Morphologically Insensitive? L1 Influence and WM Capacity as Mitigating Factors
Guillermo Rodríguez
70-81 (abstract or complete paper)

Second Language Processing of Filler-Gap Dependencies: Evidence for the Role of Lexical Access
A. Kate Miller
82-94 (abstract or complete paper)

Representation of Verbal Inflections in Native and Non-native French: Evidence from a Masked-Priming Word-Naming Task
Caitlin E. Coughlin
95-103 (abstract or complete paper)

Movement and Binding-Driven Efficiencies in L2 Sentence Processing: On the Role of UG-Constrained Acquisition in L2 Cognition
Laurent Dekydtspotter, Michael McGuire, and Sabrina Mossman
104-117 (abstract or complete paper)

L1 Korean Transfer in Processing L2 English Passive Sentences
Kitaek Kim and Hyunwoo Kim
118-128 (abstract or complete paper)

The Role of Linguistic Knowledge in the Encoding of Words and Voices in Memory
Stephen Winters, Karen Lichtman, and Silke Weber
129-138 (abstract or complete paper)

— Second Language Classroom Research —

A Multivariate Analysis of L2 English Article Use by Article-less L1 Learners
Junko Tanaka
139-147 (abstract or complete paper)

A Reexamination of Ultimate Attainment in L2 Phonology: Length of Immersion, Motivation, and Phonological Short-Term Memory
Charles Nagle
148-161 (abstract or complete paper)

Does Partial Radical Information Help in the Learning of Chinese Characters?
Jing Wang and Keiko Koda
162-172 (abstract or complete paper)

— Second Language Phonetics and Phonology —

The Effects of L2 Proficiency on L3 Phonological Acquisition: A Preliminary Test of the L2 Proficiency Hypothesis
Alison Garcia
173-186 (abstract or complete paper)

"Good-Enough" Use of Structural Information in French: Prosodic and Verb-Bias Cues
Jui Namjoshi, Stéphanie Gaillard, and Annie Tremblay
187-198 (abstract or complete paper)

— Second Language Testing and Assessment —

A Comparative Study of Cultural, Social and Institutional Dimensions of Language Exams in Iranian, French and American Language Classes
Soodeh Eghtesad
199-214 (abstract or complete paper)

— Technology and SLA —

Case Studies: Text, Technology and Readers in a University ESL Classroom
Migyu Kang
215-230 (abstract or complete paper)