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Selected Proceedings of the 9th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium
edited by Nuria Sagarra and Almeida Jacqueline Toribio
Printed edition: $250.00


Nuria Sagarra and Almeida Jacqueline Toribio
v-vi (abstract or complete paper)

— Theoretical Syntax —

Reconstruction and Condition C in Spanish: A Non-structural Account
Karlos Arregi
1-12 (abstract or complete paper)

In Situ Focus in Caribbean Spanish: Towards a Unified Account of Focus
José Camacho
13-23 (abstract or complete paper)

Verb Classes with Eventive Infinitives in Spanish
Antonio Fábregas and Soledad Varela
24-33 (abstract or complete paper)

Preverbal N-Words and Anti-Agreement Effects
Jon Franco and Alazne Landa
34-42 (abstract or complete paper)

Phase Effects in Iberian Romance
Ángel J. Gallego
43-55 (abstract or complete paper)

On Postverbal Subjects, PF and the Copy Theory: The Spanish Case
Iván Ortega-Santos
56-66 (abstract or complete paper)

Spanish Subcomparatives: The "Obligatory Gapping" Strategy
Lara Reglero
67-78 (abstract or complete paper)

— Phonetics and Phonology —

Metathesis in Judeo-Spanish Consonant Clusters
Travis G. Bradley
79-90 (abstract or complete paper)

Micro and Macro Sound Variation and Change in Argentine Spanish
Laura Colantoni
91-102 (abstract or complete paper)

Word-boundary Effects on Pitch Timing in Spanish
Miquel Simonet
103-112 (abstract or complete paper)

Coarticulation between Aspirated-s and Voiceless Stops in Spanish: An Interdialectal Comparison
Francisco Torreira
113-120 (abstract or complete paper)

Trill Variation in Dominican Spanish: An Acoustic Examination and Comparative Analysis
Erik W. Willis
121-131 (abstract or complete paper)

— Second Language Acquisition and Teaching —

Vocabulary Coverage in Spanish Textbooks: How Representative Is It?
Mark Davies and Timothy L. Face
132-143 (abstract or complete paper)

A Longitudinal Study of Copula Choice: Following Development in Variable Structures
Kimberly L. Geeslin and Pedro Guijarro-Fuentes
144-156 (abstract or complete paper)

L2 Acquisition of Temporal Reference in Spanish and the Interaction of Adverbials, Morphology and Clause Structure
Margaret Lubbers Quesada
157-168 (abstract or complete paper)

L2 Sentence Processing of Spanish OVS Word Order and Direct Object Pronouns: An Analysis of Contextual Constraints
Paul A. Malovrh
169-179 (abstract or complete paper)

Development of Learner Use of 'Estar + Adjective' in Contexts of Comparison within an Individual Frame of Reference
Daniel Woolsey
180-191 (abstract or complete paper)

A Look at Missing Objects in L2 Spanish
Eve Zyzik
192-202 (abstract or complete paper)

— Acquisition of Syntax —

'Living with Optionality': Root Infinitives, Bare Forms and Inflected Forms in Child Null Subject Languages
Juana Liceras, Aurora Bel, and Susana Perales
203-216 (abstract or complete paper)

Full Access and Age Effects in Adult Bilingualism: An Investigation of Spanish Accusative Clitics and Word Order
Silvina Montrul, Rebecca Foote, Silvia Perpiñán, Dan Thornhill, and Susana Vidal
217-228 (abstract or complete paper)

Syntax-Pragmatics Interface: Brazilian-Portuguese L2 Acquisition of English
Silvana Pacheco and Suzanne Flynn
229-240 (abstract or complete paper)

Subjects, Topicalizations and Wh- Questions in Child German and Southern Romance
Patti Spinner and John Grinstead
241-251 (abstract or complete paper)

Bare Nouns and DP Number Agreement in the Acquisition of Brazilian Portuguese
Ruth E. Vasconcellos Lopes
252-262 (abstract or complete paper)

— Sociolinguistics —

Me voy a tener que ir yendo: A Corpus-Based Study of the Grammaticization of the ir a + INF Construction in Spanish
Jessi Elana Aaron
263-272 (abstract or complete paper)

Accounting for Variability in the Production of Spanish Vowel Sequences
Matthew C. Alba
273-285 (abstract or complete paper)

Full NPs as Subjects
Jenny Dumont
286-296 (abstract or complete paper)

Present Perfect for Preterit in Salvadoran Narratives: The Perfective Expansion into Narrative Discourse
José Esteban Hernández
297-307 (abstract or complete paper)

Movement Towards Discourse Is Not Grammaticalization: The Evolution of claro from Adjective to Discourse Particle in Spoken Spanish
Francisco Ocampo
308-319 (abstract or complete paper)

Negative Prestige and Sound Change: A Sociolinguistic Study of the Assibilation of /χ/ in Piauí Portuguese
Michael Taylor and David Eddington
320-325 (abstract or complete paper)

La Oclusión Glotal y la Construcción Lingüística de Identidades Sociales en Puerto Rico
Wilfredo Valentín-Márquez
326-341 (abstract or complete paper)