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Selected Proceedings of the 13th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium
edited by Luis A. Ortiz-López
Printed edition: $280.00


Luis A. Ortiz-López
v (abstract or complete paper)

— Sociolinguistics and Language Variation —

El "nuevo" palenquero y el español afroboliviano: ¿es reversible la descriollización?
John M. Lipski
1-16 (abstract or complete paper)

Dialectología de nuevos mundos: una lectura variacionista del Atlas Lingüístico de México
Pedro Martín Butragueño
17-32 (abstract or complete paper)

El ciberespañol: características del español usado en Internet
Isabel Álvarez
33-41 (abstract or complete paper)

Variation and Syntax in Number Expression in Afro-Bolivian Spanish
Manuel Delicado-Cantero and Sandro Sessarego
42-53 (abstract or complete paper)

Measuring Rates and Constraints of Word-Final Nasal Velarization in Dialect Contact
José Esteban Hernández
54-69 (abstract or complete paper)

Language and Identity Construction: Can We Talk about a New Puerto Rican in the United States?
Edwin M. Lamboy
70-80 (abstract or complete paper)

A Sociophonetic Analysis of /s/ Variation in Puerto Rican Spanish
Sara Mack
81-93 (abstract or complete paper)

Use of Voseo and Latino Identity: An Intergenerational Study of Hondurans and Salvadorans in the Western Region of the U.S.
Susana V. Rivera-Mills
94-106 (abstract or complete paper)

Differential Object Marking: Quantitative Evidence for Underlying Hierarchical Constraints across Spanish Dialects
Ian Tippets
107-117 (abstract or complete paper)

— Acquisition and Applied Linguistics —

El Minotauro y la muñeca rusa: la gramática infantil y la teoría lingüística
Ana T. Pérez-Leroux
118-127 (abstract or complete paper)

Heritage Language Learners of Spanish: What Role Does Metalinguistic Knowledge Play in Their Acquisition of the Subjunctive?
Maite Correa
128-138 (abstract or complete paper)

Complex Wh-questions in Non-native Spanish and Non-native German: Does Input Matter?
Juana M. Liceras, Anahí Alba de la Fuente, and Lia Walsh
139-149 (abstract or complete paper)

Probando, probando...analizando la utilidad de un examen de ubicación para hablantes de español como lengua de herencia
Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza
150-160 (abstract or complete paper)

Heritage Speakers and the Standard: Fighting Linguistic Hegemony
N. Ariana Mrak
161-168 (abstract or complete paper)

Asymmetries in Gender and Number Agreement Processing in Late Bilinguals
Nuria Sagarra and Julia Herschensohn
169-177 (abstract or complete paper)

Acquisitional Evidence Bearing on the Account of Preverbal and Postverbal Subjects in Spanish
Julio Villa-García
178-189 (abstract or complete paper)

The Impact of Interpreters' Linguistic Choices in Bilingual Hearings
Marjorie Zambrano-Paff
190-202 (abstract or complete paper)

— Phonology —

Early Intonational Development in Spanish: A Case Study
Pilar Prieto, Jill Thorson, Ana Estrella, and Maria del Mar Vanrell
203-213 (abstract or complete paper)

Spanish and Catalan in Majorca: Are There Contact-Induced Changes in the Catalan Vowel System?
Mark Amengual
214-223 (abstract or complete paper)

An Analysis of Frequency as a Factor Contributing to the Diffusion of Variable Phenomena: Evidence from Spanish Data
Manuel Díaz-Campos and Michael Gradoville
224-238 (abstract or complete paper)

En torno al contexto real de la vocalización cibaeña: un nuevo replanteamiento prosódico
Rafael Núñez-Cedeño y Junice Acosta
239-250 (abstract or complete paper)

Phonetic Analysis of /sr/ Clusters in Cochabambino Spanish
Sandro Sessarego
251-263 (abstract or complete paper)

— Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics —

Absolute Constructions: Telicity, Abstract Case, and Micro-variation
James V. Bruno
264-274 (abstract or complete paper)

On the Internal Structure of Spanish Attributive Qualitative Binominal Constructions
Melvin González-Rivera
275-285 (abstract or complete paper)

Degree Restrictions in Spanish Exclamatives
Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach and Patricia Andueza
286-295 (abstract or complete paper)

A Closer Look at quizá(s): Grammaticalization and an Epistemic Adverb
Leah Houle and Rebeca Martínez Gómez
296-304 (abstract or complete paper)

Tengo una pregunta para usted: pronombres de tratamiento en la España contemporánea y discurso político
María Cristobalina Moreno
305-313 (abstract or complete paper)

Impersonals with Passive Morphology
Francisco Ordóñez and Esthela Treviño
314-324 (abstract or complete paper)

Degree Modifiers, Definiteness, and Specificity
Alberto Pastor
325-336 (abstract or complete paper)