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There are two timelines available on this page: one for full proceedings and one for selected proceedings. Sticking closely to these timelines will ensure that your proceedings is published within nine months of the conference for full proceedings, or within a year of the conference for selected proceedings.
Timeline for full proceedings (PDF): Use this timeline if your proceedings is open to all papers presented at the conference, with no further review process to select papers.
Timeline for selected proceedings (PDF): Use this timeline if you are using a review process to select papers for the proceedings.
For detailed explanations of the numbered timeline steps, see the editing process page.
Print out the version that is appropriate for your conference, and fill out the dates. If you see scheduling conflicts, you should adjust the dates a little to make them work. There's no reason to have papers due when you know you'll be away, for example.
The timeline dates are reasonable targets, but if your authors can get you final PDF files several weeks early then there's no reason to delay moving on to the next step. We are always happy to receive the proceedings from you and start our work earlier than expected.
For selected proceedings, you should try to keep the review process to eight weeks at most. A shorter review process is always welcome. The length of the review process will depend in large part on how frequently you communicate with your reviewers and how much you emphasize the importance of a prompt evaluation.
The expected date for shipping the proceedings to us at Cascadilla Proceedings Project may slip by several weeks. Try not to let delays add up. The goal with a conference proceedings is to publish the work promptly. If the expected date for shipping the proceedings to us will be more than 8 weeks late, please contact us to discuss the reasons for the delay and how best to move forward.
Extremely delayed proceedings hurt the authors who have done their work on time, because readers and libraries are less interested in proceedings that come out several years after a conference. If a proceedings cannot be published in a timely fashion, we may not be able to publish it at all.