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Selected Proceedings of the 6th Décembrettes: Morphology in Bordeaux
edited by Fabio Montermini, Gilles Boyé, and Jesse Tseng
Printed edition: $190.00


Introduction: Morphology in Bordeaux
Fabio Montermini, Gilles Boyé, and Jesse Tseng
v-vii (abstract or complete paper)

— Inflectional Classes in Morphology —

Canonical Inflectional Classes
Greville G. Corbett
1-11 (abstract or complete paper)

How – and Why – Do Inflectional Classes Arise? A Case Study on Swedish and Norwegian Conjugation
Antje Dammel
12-21 (abstract or complete paper)

Changes in Inflectional Class as a Means to Repair Phonology
Maria-Rosa Lloret
22-34 (abstract or complete paper)

The French i-Conjugation from a Diachronic Perspective
Christoph Schwarze
35-49 (abstract or complete paper)

The Structure of the Italian Declension System
Paolo Acquaviva
50-62 (abstract or complete paper)

An Element-Based Analysis of Italian Nominal Inflection
Diana Passino
63-75 (abstract or complete paper)

— Papers in General Morphology —

Shattering Paradigms: An Attempt to Formalize Pressures within Subparadigms
Maria Ohannesian and Clàudia Pons
76-94 (abstract or complete paper)

Are French -ité Suffixed Nouns Property Nouns?
Aurore Koehl
95-110 (abstract or complete paper)

When Morphology 'Feeds' Syntax: Remarks on Noun > Adjective Conversion in Italian Appositive Compounds
Nicola Grandi
111-124 (abstract or complete paper)

Augmentation vs. Diminution in Greek Dialectal Variation: An Optimal System
Dimitra Melissaropoulou
125-137 (abstract or complete paper)

Morphological Productivity in Diachrony: The Case of the Deverbal Nouns in -mento, -zione and -gione in Old Italian from the 13th to the 16th Century
Pavel Štichauer
138-147 (abstract or complete paper)

Pseudo-Family Size Influences the Processing of French Inflections: Evidence in Favor of a Supra-Lexical Account
Madeleine Voga and Hélène Giraudo
148-155 (abstract or complete paper)

The Recognition of Prefixed Words by Advanced Learners of Italian L2: A First Survey on Frequency Effect
Serena Dal Maso
156-165 (abstract or complete paper)

Acquisition of Morphological Families and Derivational Series from a Machine Readable Dictionary
Nabil Hathout
166-180 (abstract or complete paper)