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Selected Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Conference on African Linguistics: Linguistic Interfaces in African Languages
edited by lanik la Orie and Karen W. Sanders
Printed edition: $320.00


lanik la Orie and Karen W. Sanders
v-vi (abstract or complete paper)

— Plenaries —

Issues in the Phonology-Phonetics Interface in African Languages
Douglas Pulleyblank and Blake Allen
1-15 (abstract or complete paper)

Issues in the Phonology-Morphology Interface in African Languages
Larry M. Hyman
16-25 (abstract or complete paper)

Issues in the Phonology-Syntax Interface in African Languages
Laura J. Downing
26-38 (abstract or complete paper)

The Challenge of Syntactic Categories: Focus on the Yorùbá Language
lásopé Oyèláràn and ládiípọ̀ Ajíbóyè
39-51 (abstract or complete paper)

What African Linguistics Can Contribute to Evolutionary Linguistics
Salikoko S. Mufwene
52-67 (abstract or complete paper)

Official Language Policies in Africa
ladele Awobuluyi
68-76 (abstract or complete paper)

The Significance of African Sign Languages for African Linguistics and Sign Language Studies
Victoria Nyst
77-81 (abstract or complete paper)

— Phonetics and Phonology —

Phonological Devoicing and Phonetic Voicing in Setswana
One Boyer and Elizabeth Zsiga
82-89 (abstract or complete paper)

On the Role of Prosodic Structure in French Loanword Incorporation into Bambara
Christopher R. Green
90-105 (abstract or complete paper)

— Morphology and Syntax —

Ibibio Causative and Anti-Causative Verb Alternations
Ogbonna Anyanwu
106-114 (abstract or complete paper)

Point of View in Mushunguli Locatives
Jefferson Barlew
115-129 (abstract or complete paper)

Abo Optional Anti-Agreement
Roslyn Burns
130-140 (abstract or complete paper)

Deriving Turkana Word Order: Head-Movement and Topicality
Daniel Finer
141-150 (abstract or complete paper)

Adjectives as Nominal Heads in Basaá
Larry M. Hyman, Peter Jenks, and Emmanuel-Moselly Makasso
151-162 (abstract or complete paper)

The Pre-prefix in Nata: An Interface Account
Joash Johannes Gambarage
163-176 (abstract or complete paper)

Surrogate Imperatives in Bantu Languages with Postverbal Negative Particles
Deo S. Ngonyani
177-187 (abstract or complete paper)

Modal Adverbs and Predicative Modal Adjectives in Akan
Joana Portia Sakyi
188-195 (abstract or complete paper)

Complex Anaphora in Lubukusu
Mark Baker, Ken Safir, and Justine Sikuku
196-206 (abstract or complete paper)

The Problem of 'Head' in Maa (Maasai) Nominal Phrases
Shahar Shirtz and Doris L. Payne
207-221 (abstract or complete paper)

Comparative Tano Interrogative Syntax: The View from Krachi and Bono
Harold Torrence and Jason Kandybowicz
222-234 (abstract or complete paper)

— Acoustic and Visible Gestures and Sign Languages —

Touch Ideophones in Nyagbo
James Essegbey
235-243 (abstract or complete paper)

From Conventional Gestures to Sign Language: The Case of Yoruba Sign Language
lanik la Orie
244-251 (abstract or complete paper)

Methods of Studying ciTonga Gestures in Everyday Activities
Karen W. Sanders
252-260 (abstract or complete paper)

— Language and Society —

The Plurilingual Repertoire of the Comorian Community in Marseille: Remarks on Status and Function Based on Selected Sociolinguistic Biographies
Daniela Waldburger
261-270 (abstract or complete paper)

Language Situation and Conflict in Morocco
Abderrahman Zouhir
271-277 (abstract or complete paper)