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Selected Proceedings of the 40th Annual Conference on African Linguistics: African Languages and Linguistics Today
edited by Eyamba G. Bokamba, Ryan K. Shosted, and Bezza Tesfaw Ayalew
Printed edition: $290.00


Eyamba G. Bokamba, Ryan K. Shosted, and Bezza Tesfaw Ayalew
v-viii (abstract or complete paper)

— Invited Presentations —

African Languages Today: The Challenge of and Prospects for Empowerment under Globalization
Ayo Bamgbose
1-14 (abstract or complete paper)

African Languages and Syntactic Theory: Impacts and Directions
Brent Henderson
15-25 (abstract or complete paper)

A Transformation in African Language Teaching in the United States: The Emergence of a Field Superstructure
Lioba Moshi
26-35 (abstract or complete paper)

— Language Acquisition —

The Relative Marker and Long Distance Dependencies in the L2 Acquisition of Swahili Relative Clauses
Jamie A. Thomas
36-52 (abstract or complete paper)

— Morphology and Syntax —

Causative of the 'Passive' in Amharic
Bezza Tesfaw Ayalew
53-64 (abstract or complete paper)

Incorporating Location in Argument Structure: The Lubukusu Locative Clitic
Michael Diercks
65-79 (abstract or complete paper)

Tense Encoding, Agreement Patterns, Definiteness and Relativization Strategies in Changana
Fábio Bonfim Duarte
80-94 (abstract or complete paper)

— Phonetics and Phonology —

Nasal-Oral Contrast of Short and Long Vowels in Twi: An Acoustic Study
Kofi Adu Manyah
95-104 (abstract or complete paper)

The Effects of Speech Rate on VOT for Initial Plosives and Click Accompaniments in Zulu
Patrick J. Midtlyng
105-118 (abstract or complete paper)

Articulatory and Acoustic Characteristics of Whistled Fricatives in Changana
Ryan K. Shosted
119-129 (abstract or complete paper)

Ghost Segments in Nguni
Galen Sibanda
130-145 (abstract or complete paper)

— Sociolinguistics and Language Variation —

Ukolonia in African Language Policies and Practices
Eyamba G. Bokamba
146-167 (abstract or complete paper)

Covert Language Attitudes: A New Outlook on the Sociolinguistic Space of Morocco
Brahim Chakrani
168-177 (abstract or complete paper)

A Critical Analysis of Namibia's English-Only Language Policy
Jenna Frydman
178-189 (abstract or complete paper)

Dialect Convergence and Divergence: A Case of Chuka and Imenti
Fridah E. Kanana
190-205 (abstract or complete paper)

A Second or Foreign Language? Unveiling the Realities of English in Rural Kisii, Kenya
Martha M. Michieka
206-216 (abstract or complete paper)

Language Perceptions and Identity among Kenyan Speakers
Leonard Muaka
217-230 (abstract or complete paper)